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Mother Of Pearl Turkish Earrings

Mother Of Pearl Turkish Earrings

Expertly crafted, these Mother Of Pearl Turkish Earrings showcase a stunning hand-crafted design, with a golden high quality plating for a touch of elegance. The mother of pearl adds a...
Navratan Manjus Small Chand Bali

Navratan Manjus Small Chand Bali

These Navratan Manjus Small Chand Bali earrings feature a golden base plating and high quality multi tone navratan stones for an elegant and unique look. Handmade latkans add a touch...
Cut Kundan Golden Earrings - RS ZEVARS

Cut Kundan Golden Earrings

These Cut Kundan Golden Earrings feature a lightweight design and are plated with a durable, golden base. The semi-precious kundan stones provide a touch of elegance and sophistication to any...
Cut Kundan Two-Tone Studs - RS ZEVARS

Cut Kundan Two-Tone Studs

Expertly crafted with deep gold and rhodium plating, these Cut Kundan Two-Tone Studs are a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. The cut Indian Kundan adds intricate detail to the...
Kundan Cut Two-Tone Studs - RS ZEVARS

Kundan Cut Two-Tone Studs

Upgrade your accessory game with our Kundan Cut Two-Tone Studs! Made with the finest quality, these studs feature high-quality kundan that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Perfect...
Copper Gold Plated Rajwari Bangles - RS ZEVARS

Copper Gold Plated Rajwari Bangles

These copper gold plated Rajwari bangles feature a pure golden plating and hand crafted design, made from high quality materials. The pair is openable and adjustable for a comfortable fit....
Copper Rajwadi Openable Kangans Pair - RS ZEVARS

Copper Rajwadi Openable Kangans Pair

As an industry expert, I confidently recommend the Copper Rajwadi Openable Kangans Pair. Made with pure copper material and high-quality finishing, this pair features a gold plating for an elegant...
Rajwadi Hand-crafted Bangles Pair - RS ZEVARS

Rajwadi Hand-crafted Bangles Pair

Crafted with pure copper and gold plating, the Rajwadi Hand-crafted Bangles Pair is a high-quality accessory that boasts a beautiful hand-crafted design. These bangles are not only stylish, but also...
Silver Shine Calligraphy Pendant - RS ZEVARS

Silver Shine Calligraphy Pendant

This Silver Shine Calligraphy Pendant features pure zircons and a silver plating, creating a stunning and elegant piece. With an attached mala measuring approximately 22 inches long, this pendant is...
Rajwadi Gold Plated Kangans - RS ZEVARS

Rajwadi Gold Plated Kangans

Pure Copper Material Golden Plating High Quality Openable In Size Rajwadi Gold Plated Kangans 
Turkish Semi-Gems Bracelet - RS ZEVARS

Turkish Semi-Gems Bracelet

Experience elegance with our Turkish Semi-Gems Bracelet. Made with high quality copper and antique gold plating, this bracelet is adjustable to any wrist size. Each piece features stunning semi-precious stones,...
Polki Style Single Piece Kangan - RS ZEVARS

Polki Style Single Piece Kangan

Expertly crafted with top quality materials, the Polki Style Single Piece Kangan boasts a stunning golden base plating. This single piece kangan features high quality stones and zircons, exuding elegance...